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We had a BIG discussion in class today. Everything started with a project we carried out for Manchester University --a speaking activity to be sent as a "case study". It consisted of a discussion on the use of Technology for language learning.

All 15 students recorded their views on the usefulness of different tools and on their integration into language learning, as well as on their importance in the development of the four skills --reading, writing, listening and speaking.

I wished I had had a camera with me to record the meaningful, sensible discussion they all had after the recordings, but then decided to ask my smart students to post their ideas in the forum I'm now opening with this aim in mind.

So, dear folks, here it starts, hopefully, with the same enthusiasm I saw my students speak today at school.

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Hi Rita¡ I´m one of ur students, Florencia and i´d like to post my point of view about this issue.

I think Technology is one of the most powerful source of information, powerful but also unlimited, umbigous and maybe dangerous if you don´t know how to use it..
The thing is I believe technology will rule, but in a good way, It´s not like we are going to be under the robot´s domain.. we didn´t develop this progress to be deleted, like when we remove a file from a PC.
We control technology, it doesn´t control us.. that´s why we should improve our knowledge by combining the way we learn(and teach) and this huge tool, which is the Internet.
I don´t know how traditional teaching has failed or become obsolite.. I Do know that If we don´t go to the next stage,If we don´t make a difference by trying to change the structure and face this challange,... we´ll end up in regression..

I´m happy to be part of this experience
Actually, I'm not against technology, if we could learn how to use it without making differences within us, it would be perfect.
The real fact is that our society has a lot of failures that this kind of projects can make them even worse. I mean, Argentina has a lot of problems with education (and with the basic needs) and it is not sensible to think about education in the future if we can't see education for everybody at the moment. Europe is having a totaly different reality and people are able to imagine this project in their future (of course, they have other kind of trouble, like and "elderly society" or a lot of work pressure)
What I'm saying is that we should have in mind that Argentina needs to grow up as a society trying to make a smaller difference between people who are wealthy and those who have almost anything. However, there always will be rich people, but we should try to change the lives of those who can become, with work and study, middle class people.
It is a really good project but here is not able for everyone. Those who have the possibility to participate in these things should make an effort and success in their personal goals. But also, they shuold try to help those who can't do it (in their own way) just to do a little thing to improve our life as a group of people. That would be really helpful.

I'm sorry if I was agressive in the conversation that we had in class, I didn't mean to.

I can understand your point and your sensibility, Marito, and can appreciate it!
Hi everyone,
In response to this issue I would like to say that I think technology is and will be very important for learning and studing. Actually many people who live abroad can investigate from other countries because of technology. I mean; cellphones, internet, fax, etc.
Nowadays with Globalization technology is useful not only for studing, but also for working, socializing, playing, and I really can´t think of how many more things!
But on the other hand, with technology we are making our life "easyer" . I think that living in this confortable way is making humanity more and more selfish and dependant on technology. We are thinking only in our benefit without thinking on the concequences that the way we are living now will affect our future.


Hello Rita,

That's a very difficult issue!
In my opinion, using technology for learning is a really useful way to improve student’s skills. Besides, they would enjoy classes and they wouldn’t get bored, because this is something new and interesting and would keep them motivated, as it is thought as been challenging. So this issue should be discussed and the new devices have to be applied in classes.
Not only it can be useful for learning a language, but also any subject, but, of course, in different ways.
On the other hand, some students’ said that there are more important issues to care about, such as poverty. I agree that it’s very important, but if we don’t invest money and make an effort to improve education, we will get stuck and there will be even more people in such condition.
To sum up, I believe that by educating society we will have a better future, so if people forget about that and they make as if they don’t realised that children find school boring, and they aren’t interested in learning, then our future politicians, for example, won’t have enough knowledge or/and the skills to make decisions. This is just an example, but the same will happen in every aspect of our life
Hello everyone,
I think, that the technology can help you very much if you want, because open you for the world where you can practise and know many people who can help you and this way you can learn many things every day of a very enterteining form. And the better thing is that you can use it's 24 hours of the day because always you were finding someone who could help you.
So, for me it is the maximum thing the technology is able to use for apliar my knowledge.


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