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As the teacher of this wonderful group of students who, back in 2008,  helped me connect with students and teachers worldwide, and to explore ICT tools to integrate many of them into my classes almost 5 years ago, I am pleased to say that thanks to the many requests I've had from so many people in different countries, I will be re-opening doors and allow them in: together we can do so much more!!!!

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Willing to keep this group alive...?

How many members in this wonderful international group are willing to keep communication alive even when our 2008 CAE course has come to its end...?

It would be great to go on being in contact, participating in discussions, allowing everybody to share experiences and ideas on topics we could all suggest, using English!

I'm willing to receive your positive answers, and do hope they are many!!

Best wishes from Rosario,


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Saying "good bye" to my 2009 CAE students.

My very dear 2009 students,

We had our last class together last Tuesday, and I can only say with regret that our "Sharing Learning" experience is over. As I'm writing this lots of good memories crowd my mind while I say "good bye" for now.

But I'm not saying goodbye for good. I know, after "Sharing Learning" for nine months together, that the time we spent working all of you and me, both f2f and online, was an enriching and… Continue

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Hi, my dear students!

Now that we are coming to the end of our school year, I am posing a last challenge for you...;-)

Go to XTRANORMAL , where you'll find a tool to write a short passage which will be read out by the voice you choose...

Follow instructions which tell you to choose between two templates, choose your actors --one, in this case-- and then write on ONE of the following topics:

*… Continue

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If YES!..., then click HERE to read some wonderful tips to bear in mind before sitting for your Speaking Test.

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Any secondary school student can join this news service as a reporter after successfully completing the PEARL World Youth News Reporter Certification Course.

The course, which is available online and free of cost, aims to help students get started as international correspondents for a global youth news service. Students are asked to do three assignments as part of the course to demonstrate that they have… Continue

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Our video recording telling the world about our experience using computers

This is our class Voicethread presentation. Would you like to know what we think about learning with computers? Click HERE!

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Take a look here, we are also in Rosario news !!

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Do you know what Web 2.0 is...? Find out!

Social Networks

Do the names MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, etc. ring a bell? They probably do because they are some of the most popular sites on the internet today. These sites are all called 'social networking' sites because they help people meet and discuss things online. Each of these social networking sites has its own strengths: MySpace is especially popular among teenagers, Facebook is popular with college age people, Orkut is especially loved in Brazil, and CyWorld is the site to… Continue

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The World's Toughest Exam

Rather than take the final then, they decided to find their professor after the final and explain to him why they missed the exam.

At Georgia Tech (we've also heard this from Duke), there were four sophomores taking Organic Chemistry. They did so well on all the quizzes, the mid-terms and labs, etc. that each had an "A" so far for the semester. These four friends were so confident that the weekend before the finals, they decided to go up to the… Continue

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A challenge...

Can you decode… Continue

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Hi, dear students!
You asked me for further practice on English Tenses, remember?
Well, if you go here, you'll find a page with exercises on Verb Tenses, and also many other links for further practice. In fact, as much as you want!

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Would you like to see the next GLOG, with the other four pairs of students from Rosario ready to interview four other Webheads next week ??
HERE it is !!!

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Dear all members of this wonderful international group,

I am very happy to say that the group is becoming more and more "intercultural", as a bunch of EFL students from Korea has joined us --thanks to their teacher Sook, who I happened to meet thorough Ruth Vilmi, the creator of the International Writing Exchanges Project.

The group is made up of University students, with an advanced level of English, who have introduced themselves and who have started posting… Continue

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This is your GLOG..., a next one is coming...;-)

I bet you don't know what a GLOG is...
Click here and you'll see yourselves...This is just the first one. More...? Coming!

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Want to add a map to your wiki...?

Now that we are working on our wiki for these cultural exchanges with teachers from different countries, maybe you'd like to add a map to your pages...?

Go here or here. Click on 'Get Directions' and then enter your start point and destination. Click the Google logo below for a quick video tutorial that shows some of the features.

Then you can add it to your wiki....Give it… Continue

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Hi, all!!

I've come across a great poster-generator, which will allow you to create your own poster, with your photos, your music, your images... Check it out, it's here.

You can then put it up on your wiki page !!!

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Hi, dear students!

Here is the link to our WIKI, where you'll be able to start working on your pages for the interviews we'll have with teachers from different countries in the world.

I hope you enjoy the experience and learn a lot!!


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