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Saying "good bye" to my 2009 CAE students.

My very dear 2009 students,

We had our last class together last Tuesday, and I can only say with regret that our "Sharing Learning" experience is over. As I'm writing this lots of good memories crowd my mind while I say "good bye" for now.

But I'm not saying goodbye for good. I know, after "Sharing Learning" for nine months together, that the time we spent working all of you and me, both f2f and online, was an enriching and memorable time of understanding, of development, of growth in all senses.
I know a new window has opened for you from our CAE classroom --a window which opens to a new corridor, full of light, with plenty of different paths ahead.

Whether you sit or pass your final exam or not will be an accident. The most important illumination will hopefully come when you succeed in applying what you have learnt in your real life, when you meet other speakers of English with whom to communicate and share.
So I want to wish you all the bet of luck, not only concerning an enjoyable use of English in you future, but also regarding your professional lives. I hope all your best wishes come true and I also hope our shared experience has left some good memories behind.

A hug to all,


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